YOU talk, we listen. We coach, YOU win.

YOU can accomplish the extraordinary. 

We get it. We’ve been there. We understand the unique challenges of the corner office. Together, we have grown national and international brands for more than 75 years. More than once over the years we used a seasoned confidant and experienced coach to help us navigate the frustrations every successful executive is certain to face. 

We get just how stressful life can be at the highest executive level. We recognize that top-performing leaders greatly benefit when a competent, wise and weathered coach is in their corner, face to face, helping them maneuver through the challenges of life and work. 

We are in your corner for life and work. Are you facing more opportunities than you have time? Shareholders, board members and stakeholders applying the pressure? Is work squeezing out life at home? You talk and we listen. We coach and you win. You bring the challenges and we bring the experience to help you lead the way.

Are you ready? Our work together will be inspiring, deep, one-on-one and will uncover blind spots and opportunities to help you succeed. Let’s get the conversation started. You are one call or email away from leading and living at a whole new level.


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Growth Strategies

Burn the Binders! 

Too many consultants make growth mystical and complicated. What ought to be simple is way too difficult. Pain staking, laborious and boring so-called strategic planning retreats are often a huge waste of time and money. Sessions are full of talk and no action. The final plans aren’t worth the three ring binder and paper they are printed on.

It is very likely you and your team already know what you need to do to succeed. If you are like most high performance teams, you could just use some help facilitating the discussion and organizing the strategy into easy doable steps. The key is to cut through the clutter and grab hold of the simple solutions. Tough questions lead to simple solutions when you know the answers are waiting to be discovered.

Unless strategy is simple and implementable, it is destined to gather dust. Strategy shouldn’t be overcomplicated. There is a better way. It’s just not that hard to win.  

Our approach to strategic planning is simple and certain to break records and gain lasting results.

One idea and a white board can change it all! You and your team will work hard, and it will be intense at times, but you will leave energized and inspired with clear direction and a simple strategy for increasing your success.

High-Octane Teams

A leader with no followers is just on a good walk. 

Look over your shoulder. Is your team with you? You will never reach your full potential without a high functioning, high impact and high octane team.

Business is a team sport. Unfortunately, all to often, the toughest competition comes from within. We can beat our competitors so long as we aren’t beating ourselves. Trust is the key to winning teams. We like to win. Don’t let a loser tell you how to win. With more than 75 years of combined experience, leading at a nationwide and global level, we have a few tricks up our sleeves to help you maximize your team’s potential.

Purpose-Driven Cultures

Success and Significance 

A purpose-driven culture is the key to developing a triple bottom line. Our approach to the triple bottom line maximizes profits, people and purpose throughout the organization. Success and significance bring lasting satisfaction in life and work.

Purpose-driven cultures increase employee retention, customer loyalty and corporate profitability. When work has meaning, people soon discover the power of working on purpose!

We discovered that doing good is actually good for business. When our clients implement the secrets of the triple bottom line, their organizations begin to thrive. A purpose-driven culture is essential to a triple bottom line. We’d love to show you how.


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Ray and Ross are frequently sought after as speakers for conventions, conferences, congregations and campuses. They maintain an active speaking schedule together and individually. Event planners are encouraged to book early in order to secure ideal dates.

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As a passionate communicator, Ray has been the host of a prizewinning radio program and editor in chief of an award-winning weekly news journal. Audiences are discovering Ray has a unique ability to draw from real-life challenges, humorous experiences and wild adventures that inspire, motivate and challenge people of all ages.

Popular topics for conventions, conferences, congregations and campuses include:

  • The Leader Ladder

  • Find the One

  • The Power of Personal Influence

  • How Purpose-Driven Cultures Create Triple-Bottom Lines

To get a feel for Ray’s speaking style visit his YouTube Channel:

Let us know if you would like to schedule Ray for an upcoming speaking engagement.


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Has more than 40 years of experience as a bank executive and was the founding CEO of the number one community bank in America.  Under his leadership, the bank was consistently named as one of the top places to work in Oklahoma. Ross maintains a very active speaking schedule and enjoys opportunities to share about leadership, mentoring, corporate culture, global impact and his faith.

Popular topics for conventions, conferences, congregations and campuses include:

  • Building Better Lives

  • Ripples • Asking The Why

  • Whatsit

  • Growing as a Leader

Let us know if you would like to schedule Ross for an upcoming speaking engagement.


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Energetic, Engaging and Excellent 

Sometimes going deeper takes more focus and intensity. Our one and two day workshops have away of inspiring and motiving organizations to new levels. Whether on or off site, locally or nationally, we are happy to work with you to bring the best of the best that Coaching Leaders has to offer. Our intensive workshops have proven to be energetic, engaging and excellent!

How do you define a successful gathering? Your goals are our goals. There will be plenty of takeaways and leave behinds that help reset, refocus, and reaffirm the best path forward. Coaching Leaders Intensives are interactive, life-giving and motivational. Participants remain engaged, active and leave equipped to take action.


Broken Pieces, Nothing is Wasted

Ross wrote his first book Broken Pieces, as a tribute to his friends and as a source of inspiration, hope and encouragement for dealing with life’s inevitable challenges. Drawing from his life experiences and those he met along the way, Ross shares powerful stories of impact and life change. After reading Broken Pieces, best-selling author, Mark Batterson said, “I completely agree with Ross, Everyone should have a Whatsit.” Ross has turned a piece of artwork, the Redento Raffinato, into a metaphor that is larger than life. The stories he tells paint a picture of God doing what He does best - making something beautiful out of the broken pieces in our lives.

Pondering the Parables, What in the world was He thinking?

In Pondering the Parables, Ray takes leaders with him on a personal journey at the feet of the greatest leader to ever live. While brief and bite-size, each reading is packed with insights that are certain to inspire and encourage sojourners as they too consider what in the world was He thinking? Pondering the Parables serves as a powerful personal devotional reading or as a discussion guide for any small group of friends who dare to take the 41-Day Challenge of reading and reflecting on the timeless truths so creatively presented by Jesus.


Connect with the Founders

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Ross Alan Hill

Ross has more than 40 years of experience as a bank executive and was the founding CEO of the number one community bank in America based upon earnings. Under his leadership, the bank was named Top Work Places in Oklahoma for 5-consecutive years. Over the past decade, Ross has averaged speaking 40-times a year. From small intimate groups of leaders to large audiences up to 2,500. Ross is known for down to earth real life stories illustrating lessons learned from the steps of his life. Audiences leave inspired, encouraged and full of hope. Often Hill is invited back to speak for the same groups year after year. Ross enjoys opportunities to share about authentic leadership, purpose, coaching/mentoring, corporate culture, global impact and his faith.

Ray Sanders

Ray Sanders is recognized as a passionate leader of leaders, a white-board aficionado and as an innovative growth strategist with a heart for purpose-driven cultures and values-based leadership development. As a CEO, he has grown multi-million-dollar organizations, led an award-winning financial institution, served in a nonpartisan role with the United States Senate and pioneered international efforts to bring clean water to remote regions of the world. As an impassioned communicator, Sanders has been the editor in chief of an award-winning weekly news journal, the host and producer of prizewinning radio and TV programs. He is the author of Pondering the Parables, a reading experience that takes leaders on an insightful journey with the greatest leader to ever live. Sanders frequently shares insights, photos, stories and experiences from his faith, family and world travels at



Edify Leaders - building better lives

Leaders wake up every morning asking, “How can I help?”

Let’s face it, leaders make things happen. At Coaching Leaders we work with a lot of movers and shakers. When they see a problem, they look for ways to fix it. What if we could harness that energy and put it to work changing the world? We had a crazy idea and founded EDIFY LEADERS, a non-profit organization focused on mobilizing leaders who want to use their influence to impact the world for good by building better lives.

We believe every company should have a cause. No one company can do everything but every company can do something. Together we can do even more!

EDIFY LEADERS provides opportunities for leaders to unite, take action, get involved and help bring life-changing impact through very unique initiatives, locally and throughout the world.

EDIFY LEADERS provides several ways to get involved and have an impact through our main initiatives; Edify Pastors, Edify Experiences and Edify Excellence.

1. Edify Pastors

Like most leaders, ministers are surrounded by people but few have close confidantes they can open up with regarding challenging issues. Just like others top executives, ministers benefit greatly from coaching.

EDIFY PASTORS was established as a confidential, one-on-one, coaching opportunity designed especially for ministers. EDIFY LEADERS provides professional executive coaches, AT NO COST, to participating ministers or their churches.

To learn more about EDIFY PASTORS, please visit

2. Edify Experiences

What if you dared to use your influence to impact the world? 

EDIFY LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCES are offered across the world through a variety of venues and platforms. Single and multi-day EDIFY LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCES provide purpose-driven leaders great opportunities to use their life and work experiences to impact the lives.

To learn more about EDIFY LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCES, please visit

3. Edify Excellence

The world is full of amazing people doing amazing things. Sometimes those amazing people could use a little help taking their amazing work to the next level. EDIFY LEADERS is proud to have the opportunity to come along side leaders we believe EDIFY EXCELLENCE.

Some of the amazing world-changing opportunities we believe in include:

A. The African Surgeon’s Scholarship Fund

The scholarship is awarded in recognition of outstanding and compassionate leadership by a medical professional meeting the needs of the marginalized and underserved throughout Africa.

B. The Honduran Safe House Scholarship Fund

EDIFY LEADERS has established a safe house for young women subject to sexual exploitation and trafficking in Honduras.

C. The Kenya Vocational Training Facility

EDIFY LEADERS believes in building capacity by training leaders of the developing world in financial basics, business skills, water security, farming and small-scale manufacturing.

To learn more about EDIFY LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE, please visit

Learn more about EDIFY LEADERS at



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